Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A change in my colour Palette!

I recently joined a new Scrap challenge site called
'The color Room'
as I so needed a boost in the Colour Mojo department.
It's great to push out of comfort zones and achieve something
that's a little different from the norm.
Every week TCR provides a new colour palette, picture and sketch
for everyone to go by- no restrictions on the medium you choose either
which is great.
So here is a few of my layouts from the past few weeks.
Palette #6 (his room)?
I love these colours for a girls layout and I
had the peferct sheer fabric for the colours to use.
The stitching is a little shabbier than usuall but because I
decided to stitch the flower into layout I was running out of time
and incase your wondering 'she-MacKenna' is usually no Angel that's for sure.

Here I have added some Gl/mist, shimmerz and used a
watercolour pencil for highlights.

TCR #5(her room).

I was trying to get a vintage-retro feeling to the layout and a little more childish-playful.
The edge is a few layers of panel stitched fabric and hessian.

This is for the same TCR #5 palette.
The focus for this layout was not the photos but more the tags
and labels of my daughters clothing.
I wish I had more pictures of the clothes I wore when I was a child
but I mostly know what my mum tells me.
If only I had those visions to remember in my head or to see
- that's why I decided to do this layout for my daughter.

Loads of fabric, tulle, lace and all things girly!

Till tomorrow! Bye. G.

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