Friday, June 25, 2010

An Insight to my Journey!

Soul Journey!
Here is a peek into my personal journal.
It is a Fabric journal of quotes-songs-friends and stories that
have a special place in my soul for life.
I designed this so that I can add to it for many, many years to come!
This is my diary......
A Fabricated Journey!
 free and touch the sky!

Awake early in the morning,
Go out into the open,
nature is trying to say something.

A home is.....
A nest for dreaming
and a shelter for imagination.

This page has hidden openings and books of quotes all relating to the Home!

It is amidst moments of Tranquility
that the Soul is most likely to show
some hidden magic!

O.K. I don't like to scrapjack but I had too.
I adapted this page from an idea I saw in a Somerset magazine.
Each envelope has a tag inside with a life quote and place for comment/date
which over time I have & will ask friends to pick one and write in it!

I had an education in Art and design for many, many years and this
quote simply reminds me how much of my life
is and has been based on
that passion..... and creativity!

It must be Love.
Rickie Lee Jones

Potage Au Revoir!

This journal was made by me from chipboard, Vintage lace and fabrics,
scrap embellishments and some wonderful papers.
I have not shown the entire journal however over time I will show more pages here.
It is 'completely' hand sewn and took many, many months to make
and will take many more years to never be completed.

Geraldine Margaret Pasinati.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Start spreading the news!!!!

I'm once again heading for New York!!!

O.K. this may be normal for anyone in the USA
but I'm in AUSTRALIA Oi! Oi! Oi!
It's been 2 yrs but I'm heading back.
Can't wait
Thanks Mum!!!!!!!

I just like to remind myself!

That I have 3 beautiful special children.
Everyday has a new challenge for us
- we are learning and advancing
that's what matters.
Tarquinn 7.5
My Firecracker! -explodes in a second!

Mackenna 5.5 going on 15.5.
Little miss attitude- Big Time!!!!!
Connaugh 3.5
Diagnosed with ASD.
My ever so placid cling on for life!

They are all so different yet all
so much like 'US'.
Photo's by Clair Bremner.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Relaxation therapy or madness!!!!

It's just turned lunch time and already I've been asked four times in the last hour if I'm crazy??
This is a layout for this weeks colour palette challenge at
'the color room'
Purple, white and 2 shades of green.
The crazy Q'n comes from the hand stitching of the tree branches....
Yes I did!!.
Stitching is my form of relaxation.
I have three crazy kids 7.5.3 who during the day drive me to a state of total insanity.
So that's why stitching (and scrapping) is therapy for me.

Tea time.
the Large butterfly is Prima and the small B'flies are Scrapware.
the frame is from Your Creatine Wings.

thanks for dropping by! G

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A bit more paper this time.

Occasionally I like to do layouts that are more based around paper or acetate than fabric

This is on my wedding day as I was walking to the car.
Anxiety and nervousness was starting to set in as well as ...I was so fed up with the photographer he got this look ! ( and a few choice words).

This layout was done for
palette#7 Orange, green, yellow and pink/mauve
what a hard colour combo!!!!!!!
Eating Strawberries.
I've Turned up the volume for this layout and added some bright hand embroidered flowers

I wanted to add some playfulness to the layout,I think
these colours achieved that.

back to something more serene and angelic.
Angel...what I see when I look at you.
Well my daughter is older now and I see things a little bit differently most of the time now also.
i really like working with acetate on layouts, great to add dimension.