Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's all too Hectic!

WOW! I'm leaving for NY tomorrow and
right now I feel like I'm running around in circles to find my feet!
That saying 'so much to do in so little time' just came true for me
especially today.
Thanks to a friend Ruthie she reminded me that I better
put my new class layouts on this blog or I'm going to
have a very angry BOSS when I get back!
'I'ts all about Prima'
5 layouts in a day class at Scrappy Hollow in Croydon.
(the 5th christmas layout can be seen at the shop).
2 classes available: Sunday 5th December and 20th Febuary.
A great mix of old and new Prima because I
love all the old flowers and the papers are TDF!!!!
Set your sights High

Summers coming.
This is a second take on the 7gypsies layout I did
in the last post. It was adapted just for the class.

She inherited the GAP.

Sweet??? Well lately I'm positive she's not!

The various Prima flowers and vintage doilies have been sprayed with Cherry and Graphite glimmer mist.

Off to Re-pack my case again thanks to a naughty 3.5yr old bugger!!!!
who decidedthe clothes would be better on the floor.
Great-thanks Connaugh!
STart spreading the news..............................................

See you if I wanna come back ???