Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Christmas and I wonder??

I have to ask myself..........

Does he understand Christmas?
Does he listen to his siblings and truly comprehend
what they are saying about Santa?
As he sings Jingle Bells with so many minced words
does he really know what he is singing about?
Is I wish you a Merry Christmas just music to groove to?
It's called Autism!

Christmas is another Questionable reminder of many of life's comprehensions
that need to be somehow absorbed
It's a long and winding road.....
Oh so often - 2 steps forward and 5 steps back
with the occasional 3 steps forward and none back!
I cannot change this - it's my learning journey of Autism.
He is me!

Monday, November 29, 2010

How many kilo's of Potatoes??.......I Wonder?

A friend once told me that to get her children to behave a little better in December
she told them Santa was watching them, and for everytime they
were naughty he took a present away and replaced it with a 'Potato'.
I hate to say it's still/just November and my kids have earn't
themselves a couple of kilo's of potatoes each the last few weeks!
Another friend Clair asked me why I don't load onto this blog much.....
* Naughty children keeping me occupied.
*I have been relaxing in NY and Vegas for a few weeks!
* I also have alot of magazine design commitments which
unfortunately I cannot share here until they are published.
*I have alot of classes on at the moment and I'm already
preparing for next years - 5 layouts in a day classes.
OH! HO HO HO...It's christmas and I have alot to organise and wrap
........all those potatoes!
*and again 'VERY' naughty children keep driving me insane!!!
Here's a couple of layouts I have done for the Websters/Prima
classes next year.
Scrappy Hollow-March and April 2011

Merry Christmas everyone...and I hope there's not to many potatoes
under your trees???

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to reality and it 'BITES'!!!!

Chilling out in 'Cool' Soho New York was awesome and
then warming up in Vegas ready for return to our summer
was a perfect ending to a well needed holiday.
Wow! reality sure does bite though.
The kids have developed some serious attitude
while I was away - must be Dads strict discipline
tactics that have sent them over the edge.
The bedrooms are going to take me a week to clean
This is a Storytime book that I did for my spoilt
Diva daughter Mackenna's Room -
when I can get my foot in the door past that mess?

This is a small match box which has a mini version of a Cinderella book inside.

I need another holiday so I'll be back to NY next week!
(I wish the flight wasn't 24hrs to get there).

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's all too Hectic!

WOW! I'm leaving for NY tomorrow and
right now I feel like I'm running around in circles to find my feet!
That saying 'so much to do in so little time' just came true for me
especially today.
Thanks to a friend Ruthie she reminded me that I better
put my new class layouts on this blog or I'm going to
have a very angry BOSS when I get back!
'I'ts all about Prima'
5 layouts in a day class at Scrappy Hollow in Croydon.
(the 5th christmas layout can be seen at the shop).
2 classes available: Sunday 5th December and 20th Febuary.
A great mix of old and new Prima because I
love all the old flowers and the papers are TDF!!!!
Set your sights High

Summers coming.
This is a second take on the 7gypsies layout I did
in the last post. It was adapted just for the class.

She inherited the GAP.

Sweet??? Well lately I'm positive she's not!

The various Prima flowers and vintage doilies have been sprayed with Cherry and Graphite glimmer mist.

Off to Re-pack my case again thanks to a naughty 3.5yr old bugger!!!!
who decidedthe clothes would be better on the floor.
Great-thanks Connaugh!
STart spreading the news..............................................

See you if I wanna come back ???

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It only comes but once a year!

Christmas is coming and although it's 3 months away paper
and embellishments are flooding into the shops already!
I take this as a warning sign to start shopping,
(mmm like I need one??).
I'm a big fan of G45 and this year the Xmas range is
I've been busy this week creating this Vintage advent calender
for a 'Scrappy Hollow' Class.
A little Kaiser Xmas and G45 combo.

Now I just need to keep my sons little paws of the boxes and all will be well!
His fascination with hide and seek all things mummy
at the moment is driving me to Coffee?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's been a long time!!

I was reminded a few days ago that " I actually have a Blog".
It was said with a large amount of sarcasm as well!!!
O.K. girls I got the message.
I SO' often get told what to do....and when the new
G45 Halloween papers came into
where I occasionally teach....once again I was told exactly
what I was to create this time. (thanks Julie!)
As Halloween is fast approaching
I need a place to put my photo's of my kids
dressed up and face painted for the occasion.
This is the class I'm teaching on october 9th.

Hope you like my special book and I'm also hoping
my children will stop fighting
over who gets to keep it in their room!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I've got some Fantastic News!!

I've been so waiting to tell!
Scrapbook Creations have announced it now ....
So I can too!

I have been chosen as a Design Diva for the magazine!!!
Yip Yip Yippee!
This is the very First Design Diva's team .
So I guess you will get to see some of my layouts and OTP projects
in print for the next year.
My mind is already on overload with new ideas.'s the new Diva's

Congratulations to…

Natalie Perks
Angella Peardon
Lisa Warren
Suzanne Tonga
Gillian Lester
Naomi Cox
Renee Iveson
Giovanna Scott
Jodi Dolbel
Renee Dowling
Kim Arnold
Geraldine Pasinati
Louise Williams


Friday, July 2, 2010

Feeling Blue!

So often our mood reflects in our creating and blue
is my chill out colour!
Turquoise and chocolate are my favourite colours
and whilst doing some re-furbishing at home I couldn't
resist to do a layout with the spare fabric
Tarquinn and Connaugh - T & C.
Base; Silk damask covered with a sheer shimmer overlay.
Edge; has layers of Vintage Lace, chocolate netting, choc' satin
and the trim from the Silk damask.
Photo is by Clair Bremner - an Awesome childrens photographer
here in Melbourne
Vine leaves and Title are Scrapware.
These have been sprayed with gl/mist and coated with dim/magic.
while still wet I have removed half of the D/m
which gives a weathered look and shows
great colour variations.
This was the latest class I did at Scrappy Hollow a few nights ago
however we did a variation and used different chipboard and paper -
I promised the Ladies I would show them the original.
So here it is and I hope you like 'both versions'.

I really wanted to achieve a vintage-shabby look for this
I think I did it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

School holiday blues ARRGGGGG!

I think I go a little around the twist during
the school holidays .
With 3 very active kids 7-5-3 it's game on!
I did manage to get this in though amongst being a constant referee.
This is Palette #12 at 'The color Room'.
A subdued earthy palette this week.
Back to fabric based again as I love texture!
It reminds me of the touch and feel books I had as a child.
The bricks are Scrapware - covered with impasto and then sprayed with gl/mist.
I finally did a layout with these pictures- this is Tarquinn at 4 and he's nearly 8 now!
Like so many scrappers - always got so many photo's that we shall get to 'oneday'?

Enjoy the holidays! G

Friday, June 25, 2010

An Insight to my Journey!

Soul Journey!
Here is a peek into my personal journal.
It is a Fabric journal of quotes-songs-friends and stories that
have a special place in my soul for life.
I designed this so that I can add to it for many, many years to come!
This is my diary......
A Fabricated Journey!
 free and touch the sky!

Awake early in the morning,
Go out into the open,
nature is trying to say something.

A home is.....
A nest for dreaming
and a shelter for imagination.

This page has hidden openings and books of quotes all relating to the Home!

It is amidst moments of Tranquility
that the Soul is most likely to show
some hidden magic!

O.K. I don't like to scrapjack but I had too.
I adapted this page from an idea I saw in a Somerset magazine.
Each envelope has a tag inside with a life quote and place for comment/date
which over time I have & will ask friends to pick one and write in it!

I had an education in Art and design for many, many years and this
quote simply reminds me how much of my life
is and has been based on
that passion..... and creativity!

It must be Love.
Rickie Lee Jones

Potage Au Revoir!

This journal was made by me from chipboard, Vintage lace and fabrics,
scrap embellishments and some wonderful papers.
I have not shown the entire journal however over time I will show more pages here.
It is 'completely' hand sewn and took many, many months to make
and will take many more years to never be completed.

Geraldine Margaret Pasinati.