Thursday, July 1, 2010

School holiday blues ARRGGGGG!

I think I go a little around the twist during
the school holidays .
With 3 very active kids 7-5-3 it's game on!
I did manage to get this in though amongst being a constant referee.
This is Palette #12 at 'The color Room'.
A subdued earthy palette this week.
Back to fabric based again as I love texture!
It reminds me of the touch and feel books I had as a child.
The bricks are Scrapware - covered with impasto and then sprayed with gl/mist.
I finally did a layout with these pictures- this is Tarquinn at 4 and he's nearly 8 now!
Like so many scrappers - always got so many photo's that we shall get to 'oneday'?

Enjoy the holidays! G

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Art of Hearts said...

Hi Geraldine
just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I enjoyed last night's class and I am so inspired by your layouts shown here....think my mojo just got a shot of adrenalin :-)