Saturday, March 24, 2012

Feeling Rusty!

Hello there! If your in Melbourne next weekend ....Paperific is on at the Melbourne Showgrounds. I have been busy creating display layouts and OTP projects for TwiddleyBitz.

Today I have 'one' sneak peek of a large picture frame that I have made using TwiddleyBitz Chipboard and their amazing Rusting Powder.

I have also used Pion Designs Paper and Prima Romantique Collection paper and embellishments.

I will be at the show at the 'Scrappy Hollow' stand and at the Twiddleybitz' stand, so if your coming........please come and say hello!

Post Addition!!!

So the show has finished and now I can add some more pictures. This is my large frame full of Twiddleybitz goodness! The boss asked for a few more new 'bird? houses - I love this G45 Wizard of Oz collection so I made a Lion, Tinman, Dorothy and Wicked Witch ...heres a look at 2.(I hope she liked them!)

Having a bad day...I can't seem to find my photo's, I think I'll just put it down as school holidays?Thanks for coming by my blog...G!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So where is my $5.00?

Hello again! My son came home from school with a gold award today for excellence in Maths. For every special awards or accomplishments my children get from school they recieve $5.00 from Nanny and from Dad/Mum. My layout was featured this week at 'The color room' and I was very honoured to have it chosen as this is a fabulous challenge site. So who is going to give me $5.00 I ask...maybe myself?

I'm owed backpay as well! Any excuse to spend a little more money for Scrapbooking supplies I say is a good one!! Thanks for coming by my blog! G!

WHHo Hoo!!! I now have to make an addition to this post....... This week my Green Tara layout- was chosen to be featured again for the 'Pion designs' sponsored Color room Palette#102. One more packet of supplies I can buy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The foil b4 the chocolate.

Hi there! So I'm a little behind and infront as well with this layout. In front because it isn't Easter time yet and well behind because the little man in the photo is now 9 yrs old. This layout features most of my favourite scrapbooking products:

Green Tara Flowers and lace, Twiddleybitz chipboard and Pion Designs papers.

Well at least he quickly learn't that chocolate and foil...don't mix!

Till next time! G!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Partner in G45 crime.

Hello! Today I played with the G45 Tropical range again and did a very 'vibrant' layout for my daughter Mackenna. It is once again partnered with some amazing Twiddleybitz chipboard pieces painted and inked to complement the papers.

My fingers hurt tonight due to all that fussy cutting but I think G45 papers just say 'cut it up'! Goodnight. G!

G45 and Beach action.

Hi there, I must say at first I looked at this G45 paper and it's so bright and different, I cringed. It's definately not what I would normally create with but I've now finished one layout, moving on to number 2 and planning an OTP in my head as well. It's the perfect summer paper!

I love the new Twiddleybitz Summer Surfboard/ flower combo piece....just made to go together.

I've actually managed to keep my 9yr old son Tarquinn happy as well - 1 boy layout and no flowers = success!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Backyard fun.

Hello again, I thought if I post these photos on my blog it might just remind me to scrap them 'soon maybe'? Along with the other 100's I have on my mind to scrap. Mackenna, Tarquinn and Connaugh enjoying the last days of summer in late Febraury

Sick of the bubbles? patterns will do!

Monday, March 5, 2012

On my mind!

Hi there! Today I'm here to add a collage of my next class and just for a change I've done a couple of boy pages this time. Yes I do forget sometimes that I have 2 boys that I should scrap as well!

"On my mind"

Sunday 18th March. 5 layout day. 9.30am-5.00pm.

Featuring the New My Minds Eye Range

Post Addition!!! as the class is over here are pictures of some of the class layouts.

Thanks for dropping by! G!