Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So where is my $5.00?

Hello again! My son came home from school with a gold award today for excellence in Maths. For every special awards or accomplishments my children get from school they recieve $5.00 from Nanny and from Dad/Mum. My layout was featured this week at 'The color room' and I was very honoured to have it chosen as this is a fabulous challenge site. So who is going to give me $5.00 I ask...maybe myself?

I'm owed backpay as well! Any excuse to spend a little more money for Scrapbooking supplies I say is a good one!! Thanks for coming by my blog! G!

WHHo Hoo!!! I now have to make an addition to this post....... This week my Green Tara layout- was chosen to be featured again for the 'Pion designs' sponsored Color room Palette#102. One more packet of supplies I can buy!


Vicky Alberto said...

LOL, congrats! YES, go buy a nice scrappy goodie reward :)

Adriana B said...

Congrats on being featured, lovely layout :)