Saturday, July 3, 2010

I've got some Fantastic News!!

I've been so waiting to tell!
Scrapbook Creations have announced it now ....
So I can too!

I have been chosen as a Design Diva for the magazine!!!
Yip Yip Yippee!
This is the very First Design Diva's team .
So I guess you will get to see some of my layouts and OTP projects
in print for the next year.
My mind is already on overload with new ideas.'s the new Diva's

Congratulations to…

Natalie Perks
Angella Peardon
Lisa Warren
Suzanne Tonga
Gillian Lester
Naomi Cox
Renee Iveson
Giovanna Scott
Jodi Dolbel
Renee Dowling
Kim Arnold
Geraldine Pasinati
Louise Williams


Friday, July 2, 2010

Feeling Blue!

So often our mood reflects in our creating and blue
is my chill out colour!
Turquoise and chocolate are my favourite colours
and whilst doing some re-furbishing at home I couldn't
resist to do a layout with the spare fabric
Tarquinn and Connaugh - T & C.
Base; Silk damask covered with a sheer shimmer overlay.
Edge; has layers of Vintage Lace, chocolate netting, choc' satin
and the trim from the Silk damask.
Photo is by Clair Bremner - an Awesome childrens photographer
here in Melbourne
Vine leaves and Title are Scrapware.
These have been sprayed with gl/mist and coated with dim/magic.
while still wet I have removed half of the D/m
which gives a weathered look and shows
great colour variations.
This was the latest class I did at Scrappy Hollow a few nights ago
however we did a variation and used different chipboard and paper -
I promised the Ladies I would show them the original.
So here it is and I hope you like 'both versions'.

I really wanted to achieve a vintage-shabby look for this
I think I did it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

School holiday blues ARRGGGGG!

I think I go a little around the twist during
the school holidays .
With 3 very active kids 7-5-3 it's game on!
I did manage to get this in though amongst being a constant referee.
This is Palette #12 at 'The color Room'.
A subdued earthy palette this week.
Back to fabric based again as I love texture!
It reminds me of the touch and feel books I had as a child.
The bricks are Scrapware - covered with impasto and then sprayed with gl/mist.
I finally did a layout with these pictures- this is Tarquinn at 4 and he's nearly 8 now!
Like so many scrappers - always got so many photo's that we shall get to 'oneday'?

Enjoy the holidays! G