Friday, June 4, 2010

Relaxation therapy or madness!!!!

It's just turned lunch time and already I've been asked four times in the last hour if I'm crazy??
This is a layout for this weeks colour palette challenge at
'the color room'
Purple, white and 2 shades of green.
The crazy Q'n comes from the hand stitching of the tree branches....
Yes I did!!.
Stitching is my form of relaxation.
I have three crazy kids 7.5.3 who during the day drive me to a state of total insanity.
So that's why stitching (and scrapping) is therapy for me.

Tea time.
the Large butterfly is Prima and the small B'flies are Scrapware.
the frame is from Your Creatine Wings.

thanks for dropping by! G

1 comment:

kristie said...

Like HOLY CRAP!! you stuff is AMAZING!!
I use fabric on my stuff sometimes too , but your stuff is just so refreshing and beautiful!!
I WISH I could stitch like you!
kudos girl!I am in AWE!