Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A bit more paper this time.

Occasionally I like to do layouts that are more based around paper or acetate than fabric

This is on my wedding day as I was walking to the car.
Anxiety and nervousness was starting to set in as well as ...I was so fed up with the photographer he got this look ! ( and a few choice words).

This layout was done for thecolorroom.ning.com
palette#7 Orange, green, yellow and pink/mauve
what a hard colour combo!!!!!!!
Eating Strawberries.
I've Turned up the volume for this layout and added some bright hand embroidered flowers

I wanted to add some playfulness to the layout,I think
these colours achieved that.

back to something more serene and angelic.
Angel...what I see when I look at you.
Well my daughter is older now and I see things a little bit differently most of the time now also.
i really like working with acetate on layouts, great to add dimension.

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