Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A new Blogger!

I've finally done it!
That's right I have finally entered the world of blogging!
Thanks to a Scrapping buddy Lou who gave me a 'little' push and
the confidence to
get off my lazy butt and do so!
I don't think it's been laziness that has stopped me from blogging
but me just being weary of putting myself and my style of Scrapping
(it's definitely different) on show for anyone crazy enough to look at it!
So I sat and contemplated for days what would be my first layout
that I ever show on 'MY' blog.....
So it came down to one of my old favourites that I have created and here it is...
this was my choice:

The fabric is a super fine hessian, completely hand sewn
and the edge has two rows of hand beading.
the flowers have hidden beads within as well.

It's called- 'Someday'
this is a photo of my Niece Jessica at my wedding
and like all little girls she sat there watching
imagining that someday it would be her!
I really wanted the fabric texture to be
the main element on this layout.
So that's it I have finally Done it!
The first time of my New life as a blogger!

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Tchu1 said...

What is this???
Wonderful flowers. I am envious