Thursday, June 30, 2011

A good corner to be in?

Hi there!

Like many parents I need to give my kids time out and so often put them in the naughty chair or corner. Although I have been told this really isn't a bad naughty corner and asked by several if they can they come over and sit there, it certainly works when your cousins are allowed to play and your stuck there for 30mins.

I have a 5 Websters & Twiddleybitz layout class on the 16th July at Scrappy Hollow, so here are some sneaks and full views of the layouts.

Even though I have two boys I don't often Scrap boys pages and for that I think my oldest son wants to put me in the N-corner!

To finish off a couple of layouts I could put photo's of them all together on!

This tired mum is off to get some sleep so I can get some scrapping done tomorrow with fresh eyes - last day of school tomorrow and that means not much chance for the next few weeks.


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