Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bonjour et bienvenue!

Bounjour et bienvenue -Hello and welcome!

SO that's it from me.....the best of the French that I can remember from....SSHhhh, 30 long years ago. I was always the disruptive wild child at school and spent most of the class standing outside the door. Now I spend alot of time picking up my disruptive son from the principles front door - Oh well like mother, like son!

I did learn a valuable lesson today though - how to add a followers list to my blog...... hooray a new achievment! So if you like my blog let me know by becoming a follower.

It's school holidays again - that dreaded time when the kids are bored and have a 5 min question span for mum. I managed to get this done last week and have resorted to Harry Potter movies to distract one, Craft for another and roll-up sugar fixes for the youngest just so I can do a blog post.

Sweet - Doux!

Inroducing the new Kaiser Bonjour Collection. Very French!

I have teamed it with Twiddleybitz Eiffel Tower & Itty bitty Alpha .The new Prima Pixie Glen flowers colours are also a perfect colour match.

Time out is over, far too many mum questions are lined up awaiting answers!


ann said...

WOW this is a stunning the detail and what a sweet photo xx

Vicky Alberto said...

oooohhhh love it all

Pauline said...

This paper is really very pretty. Kaiser have outdone themselves. So have you, for that matter! This layout is exquisite.