Thursday, April 14, 2011

A textured road!

The Maya Road!

Hi there!

O.K. it's getting late here in Australia and I'm in the middle of arguing with a layout, so I've decided best to leave it alone till morning and approach it with fresh eyes.

Instead I'm going to post this layout I did for Maya Road and Scrapbook Creations before I hit the hay!

The theme is Monotone -tone on tone!

Products: Heart chipboard, Canvas Pennant book, Signature Ribbon Set and Fabric flowers.

Fly High!
Goodnight G!


Jo Kinder said...

I'm having a little chuckle here because I "argue" with layouts too hehehe.
This Maya Road project is stunning! and I love how you have made the twine extend from the ropes on the swing! =D

Pauline said...

Geraldine, I love this one too! Love how you can use canvas and fabric and come up with stunning pieces.