Monday, August 29, 2011

Some rest needed!


Paperific was a huge success...............but I'm sure glad it's over. I was unlucky enough to get a severe case of the dreaded flu a couple of days B4. Then 3x 12 hour +++ days and the loss of a voice several times each day mean't that I was in total collapse today. Alas, with 3 young children missing mum I wasn't able to get much rest today again.

Can't help myself though...just had a need to add a little post here. These are some of the display items that I made for Twiddleybitz at Paperific.

Twiddleybitz floating frame

The centre is acrylic - I just love this as it adds so much more dimension. I have also added the 3 different sizes of Twiddleybitz Skeleton trees at alternate levels to create more dimension.

My own little stick Angel Conductor at the park. I have been holding onto this photo for over a year just waiting for the right embellishments to create a page. I'm happy and he loves and all!
Twiddleybitz chicken Mesh, I can't help myself this is my favourite product at the moment...I really have to stop myself from wanting to use it on everything. I can always get away with using different Prima flowers though.

How cute is this little maestro from the toddler border. Finally this is the 12x12 shadow box I made to keep my layout in. The weekend was so busy that I forgot to get a picture with the layout inside it. Too late now as It's already on the other side of Australia! I think I'll go now and dream of being there also........goodnight!


Sammie said...

dont worry i think i got a

Pauline said...

These pieces are gorgeous. They are even more stunning in real life. Cheers Pauline