Monday, November 29, 2010

How many kilo's of Potatoes??.......I Wonder?

A friend once told me that to get her children to behave a little better in December
she told them Santa was watching them, and for everytime they
were naughty he took a present away and replaced it with a 'Potato'.
I hate to say it's still/just November and my kids have earn't
themselves a couple of kilo's of potatoes each the last few weeks!
Another friend Clair asked me why I don't load onto this blog much.....
* Naughty children keeping me occupied.
*I have been relaxing in NY and Vegas for a few weeks!
* I also have alot of magazine design commitments which
unfortunately I cannot share here until they are published.
*I have alot of classes on at the moment and I'm already
preparing for next years - 5 layouts in a day classes.
OH! HO HO HO...It's christmas and I have alot to organise and wrap
........all those potatoes!
*and again 'VERY' naughty children keep driving me insane!!!
Here's a couple of layouts I have done for the Websters/Prima
classes next year.
Scrappy Hollow-March and April 2011

Merry Christmas everyone...and I hope there's not to many potatoes
under your trees???

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