Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to reality and it 'BITES'!!!!

Chilling out in 'Cool' Soho New York was awesome and
then warming up in Vegas ready for return to our summer
was a perfect ending to a well needed holiday.
Wow! reality sure does bite though.
The kids have developed some serious attitude
while I was away - must be Dads strict discipline
tactics that have sent them over the edge.
The bedrooms are going to take me a week to clean
This is a Storytime book that I did for my spoilt
Diva daughter Mackenna's Room -
when I can get my foot in the door past that mess?

This is a small match box which has a mini version of a Cinderella book inside.

I need another holiday so I'll be back to NY next week!
(I wish the flight wasn't 24hrs to get there).

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