Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To contribute

Hi there, today on my blog I just wanted to tell you about something special and that I was honoured to be chosen as a contributor!

Michelle Grant has put together this [FREE "Style Files" Report & Quiz] so you too can learn the secrets to creating your own unique creative style!

You’re a woman who is passionate about scrapbooking and mixed media and loves creating meaningful memories! If only you could make pieces that felt more like YOU....

You are ready to develop your OWN unique style that will be recognised by YOUR name within the industry.
If this sounds like YOU then you are in the right place!!

You are so ready to embark on this creative journey this is YOUR time!

You are still trying to work out who you are as an artist, you are feeling a bit lost and are not sure what is missing or how to take the next step.

You want to know the secrets to what makes a unique scrapbooking/ mixed media stylist.

Click here to find out the secrets on how YOU to can create your very own unique style with this FREE “Style Files” Report & Quiz.

SO  - go check it out on Michelle's Blog and while your there have a look at some of the amazing contributors blogs!   XX Geraldine.

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