Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is white the new Black?

Hello! Hello! I didn't think changing a blog design was going to be so hard. There are so many amazing designs out there to choose from - and everytime I like something a friend told me 'NO' that's not nice.........mmmm not sure which one of us has bad taste?

I went on a blog cruise and 95% of blogs were white based - mine was black, so maybe my taste is bad? Anyway after all my hours of searching I decided on the circus theme - for now anyway! I don't know if she will say 'NO' to my final decision but I love it! Maybe in a few months I'll change it again.


RuthieM said...

Well, well, well...maybe your friend does know something???
All she wants for you is for you to be true to yourself, and not try to please everyone else. Just make sure your designs say "This belongs to Geraldine Pasinati" Love You babe xx

Rachel said...

It looks great Geraldine - well done for figuring out how to change it too!