Thursday, May 26, 2011

I say shabby.........

He says 'MESSY'!

Hi there, Typical husband just thinks scrapbooking causes nothing but mess, regardless of the outcome. Shabby? Vintage? whatever you call it it =mess!

I'm just finishing off my Brisbane Scrapbook Expo pieces for Twiddleybitz.

I thought I would show you the cover and a page sneak peak of my Altered book.I will show all in a couple of weeks when the expo is on.

A Vintage style card.

Here's where the shabby comes into it!
O.K. I realized the glue isn't even dry yet.......oops!
All I can say is after 10 years of my mess I thought he would of got over it and stopped winging! LOL! G!

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Pauline said...

Oh wow...can't wait to see this in its entirety. Absolutely love it! As for our darling husbands, well I empathise...I have one exactly the same. They 'sometimes' don't get it. Got to love them too! Cheers